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Total Access Security is a locksmith company, which specializes in electronic access control. This includes, but is not limited to keypads, card readers, biometric readers, intercom and phone systems. This also includes burglar alarms and cameras. We are able to monitor and maintain any system from a few doors at one site to several doors at several sites. We offer full system integration.

We have stand alone access, hardwired access, and wireless access systems. They operate using keypads and/or proximity cards, biometrics, electronic keys or fobs. We also offer photo badge capability with our systems.

Need to know what happen and when? Many of our systems offer a complete audit trails and time zone features. With time zones you can control you can go where at different times. This gives you complete control over the flow of people in your company. The audit trail will allow you to see where people have gone or tried to go throughout your facilities.

If we install a great system to secure your building and someone left a rock in the doorway after taking some trash out, your system is worth nothing. Any access control system is only as good as its weakest link. So an access control system without a door sensor which is connected to a monitored alarm is not a security system.

Another aspect to complete your package of our complete security system is integrated closed circuit security cameras. Cameras are continuous eyes on your facilities. When properly monitored, cameras can be a silent witness and backup the facts.

Electronic Services & Products

  • Electronic Access Systems
  • Card Readers & Keypads
  • CCTV, IP, Security Cameras
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Intercom and Phone Systems
  • System Integration
  • Rekeying & Master-Keying
  • Safes
  • Fire Exit Hardware
  • ADA & Life Safety Code Experts
  • High-Security Restricted Key Locks
  • Door Operators Installed & Repaired
  • Break-In Repairs
  • Deadbolts Installation
  • Desk & Cabinet Locks

Is Your Locksmith Qualified?

Every locksmith in California is required to be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Furthermore, every lock & security equipment job over $500 requires a licensed C-28 contractor. Total Access Security is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Furthermore, all of our technicians receive continuous certified training.

Locksmiths have been controlling access to buildings by use of keys and locks long before alarm installers, gate builders and door hangers started experimenting in the field of lock installation.

Locksmiths have been specifying, building, repairing, retrofitting and maintaining locks throughout history. We are relied upon for our knowledge of security door hardware and proper application skills to provide customers with the peace of mind that they and their valuables are secure.

The state of California has recognized that the locksmith needs to be an integral part of building electronic security. That’s why the C-28 contractor’s license specifically includes “electronic access control equipment” in the description of classification in the license.

Total Access Security has the knowledge to install the proper locking hardware best suited for your doors and access control needs combined. If you are thinking of installing an access control system for your building, let Total Access Security specify the hardware for you. We are able to give you a fully integrated security system. Let the professionals do what they do best…and have the license for!

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